When Life ‘Gets in the Way’ Enjoy It


These last few weeks have been like living through a tornado day in and day out.  There have been negotiations, re-negotiations, steps forward, steps backward, stresses over those steps backward, things to do, people to call, daydreaming to keep on hold (yep, it’s a real thing!), not knowing where life will take us in just 4 weeks, not to mention all the little everyday things like household work and keeping up with a three year old.

We are moving five hours away.

While moving can be an exciting adventure, it is a lot of work.  There are particulars to remember, loose ends to tie up, and options to keep your eye on because you just don’t know for a fact where you will be moving to!  But, it is in these times of uncertainty and whirlwinds of craziness, that the Lord reminds us, “Peace, be still.”*  And it isn’t easy to let go of everything, but I know that His plan is greater – and better.  He can work out all the kinks so much better than I.

I can barely gear up the gumption to get my workouts in.  I mean, I love working out, but I will be the first to admit that I don’t love it enough to do it every day.  It gets boring.  Not all the time, but sometimes.  I look forward to my weekend off.  And what better excuse to give myself than that of ‘I am in the middle of moving’?   Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t do any kind of bodily exercise on my off days.  I just don’t do a structured workout.  We take long walks, go exploring historic sites, and go play at the beach.  Great exercise. 😉

Today, I have not worked out.  It’s a Monday, and I have not worked out since Thursday afternoon.  Not good.  But I like to look at the big picture.  And give myself grace.  If I can’t get my workout in because I am too busy taking care of my family, then so be it.  (Note to self: you will get back to your workouts first thing tomorrow morning!)  I would much rather make memories that last a lifetime – even the sticky messy ones, or the crazy exhausting ones.

So, if you are like me, and have not worked out today: it is okay.  Tomorrow is a new day.  A fresh start.  We can get back to our routine then.  But for now, I’m going to live in the moment and enjoy it!

Just don’t go forgetting how to eat healthy.  That is very do-able whatever craziness your life is and does not require special gear or time. 😉
*Mark 4:39